Referral FAQ and Terms

How does it work?

  • Refer a friend, and once your friend signs up to our waiting list using your referral link, you’ll be one step closer to the next tier.
  • Refer 5 people and we will send you a free t-shirt with the incept branding.
  • Refer 10 people and once we go live will provide you with £100 free credit to make a purchase of any of the shares listed on our secondary market platform.
  • Refer 15 people and you will not be charged any incept fees for the first 3 months, starting from the day you create your account with us.
  • Refer 20 people and become an incept shareholder! Once you refer 20 people we will issue shares to you through a nominee account valued at around £200. This referral tier is limited and all shares will be issued at our next funding round.

Referrer’s Terms

  • ‍Our referral program is valid for existing users who have successfully sign up to the waiting list.
  • A referral can’t be given to someone who is already on the waiting list.
  • Neither receiving a share through this program nor any mentions of particular securities in our communications as part of this referral program represents a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any particular security.
  • Receiving a free share may have tax implications for the recipient; Incept technologies limited does not take any responsibility for tax related to this share award.
  • It’s in our full discretion to withdraw, remove or vary the referral programme offers at any time for any person on the waiting list.
  • Incept does not provide investment advice and individual investors should make their own decisions or seek independent advice.


  • ‍The entire value of the share when sold may be subject to capital gains tax.
  • Tax depends on your personal circumstances and if you are unsure about any tax implications, we recommend that you seek advice from a tax professional.