The Incept Secondary Market

At Incept, we’ve created a platform where holders of equity in private company can sell their investments.

Our Features

List your existing holdings

As start-ups have begun to stay private for longer, there is an increased risk with holding pre-IPO shares.

With the Incept secondary market, you can list your private shares and realise your investments at the click of a button.

Invest after the funding round

Missed the chance to invest in the last funding round? No problem, it’s never too late to start building your portfolio!

With our secondary market you can browse and find the fastest growing start-ups to invest in at any point.

Monitor your portfolio

Make informed decisions about whether to hold or sell shares in your portfolio.

With Incept, you can view the price at which shares in a company were last sold at, giving you an up to date market valuation of your private shares.